Signature Oud Collection

Our Story

Travelling and working in the Middle East, I came across many luxurious and exotic aromas that captivated my interest and made my head turn every time, the local people would burn this incense like wooden flakes and sticks in their homes, mosques, and even hotels.

Being amazed by how rich and beautifully it smelled I inquired to my students what it was exactly that they were burning, and they replied that it was a special type of wood called agarwood/oud that is sourced from Cambodia, Burma, Bangladesh, and Thailand. From that moment on I knew what Britannia Oud would be all about...


I taught and befriended many Qatari’s, Kuwaiti’s and Emirati’s and through many discussions we developed the idea of creating a modern Western yet Arabian luxurious fragrance, that would capture the essence of Middle East in a bottle. We therefore set out on a mission to search the bazaars and the souks to acquire the very best quality aromatic oils and essences that would create our own Signature Oud Collection,

The brief was to create a captivating, all-encompassing and distinctive sensory indulgence where just one or two sprays was enough to fill a room to intoxicate and enchant its consumers, and so Britannia Oud was born…


Shabil Syed


“Creating a captivating, all-encompassing and distinctive sensory indulgence.”

“A scent that will intoxicate and enchant its consumers.”


Britannia Oud has been developed and created not just as a scent but more as a lifestyle brand to aid and nurture males who are or will become the next generation of movers and shakers, the aspirational males, action takers, the dreamers, the doers, the believers and the achievers.

How will Britannia Oud do this, well quite simply by developing confidence in its users. Statistics show that communication is 90% non-verbal, with this in mind, it’s imperative that people make the right impression, first time, every time, by dressing well and smelling exceptional, this in turn has an affect on the mindset of our clients and those that interact with them. Building greater confidence in our clients to achieve more, this increased confidence and great first impressions will lead to a multitude of opportunities and doors opening for them.

“A lifestyle brand to nurture the next generation of movers and shakers, action takers, dreamers and doers, believers and achievers.”

"For the next generation of movers & shakers"